Toy Story Jessie Dress Up Game

On this page, you'll play the game Toy Story Jessie Dress Up, one of your best free heroes games!!! Jessie is a fun loving girl belonging to the Toy Story world, where she spends her days playing with Woody, and Buzz Lightyear. But whenever Andy is near, they all turn lifeless to give him the impression they are just dolls. And yet, Jessie has the hopes and dreams of a normal teenager and she just loves to dress up! But since she is a toy and can?t go shopping, she has chosen you to be her friend and help her choose some fashionable outfits. It rests upon you to choose some really cool outfits for her along with some fancy shoes. Make her look the prettiest of dolls by choosing an outfit to match with her shoes. Pick out a large hat for her and a swanky purse to go with her dress. You can also change her hairstyle and her hair color to give her a trendsetting look. She is feeling a little shy so you have to encourage her to go ahead and flaunt that look. Choose as many looks as you want for her, for there are numerous options. And each option is beautiful! So go ahead, and make Jessie?s dreams come true!

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Toy Story Jessie Dress Up Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Play the Toy Story Jessie Dress Up game with the LEFT CLICK of your mouse. CLICK on PLAY to begin playing the game. The options are available in the green colored tabs on the left side of the screen. CLICK on a tab to see the options. CLICK repeatedly to look through the options. When you like one option you have chosen, move to the other tab. CLICK on the RESET button if you don?t like a look or if you want different combinations. CLICK on NEXT to move to the next screen, where you can see the final look you have created for Jessie. Once you are satisfied with the look you have created, you can CLICK on the REPLAY button to start playing again!
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