Transformers Games

Transformers are advanced robotic machines that can shape-shift into a variety of different mechanical forms, like airplanes, buses, and even large robot warriors. Most transformer games are action-based, and you will be given the opportunity to fight Decepticon and other evil forces trying to destroy the Earth. Whether you are playing as Optimus Prime or another Transformer, both fans of the original movie series and people who have never heard of them before will be likely to enjoy these original Flash Transformers games. Read more about our 34 transformers games ...

Transformers are powerful robotic machines. One second you could be a robot, and the next you could shape-shift immediately into an airplane and take to the skies. The versatility and speed of a Transformer knows no limits. Since it will be your job to control a Transformer in an online virtual universe, you will want to do your best to ensure success against your enemies. Some games will be of the classic side-scrolling variety. Others will provide you with a birds-eye view of the playing field. Along with all of the potent weapons and power-ups that you will be able to use, different Transformers will have their own unique features, so you can rest assured that you will have plenty of fun playing these amazing Transformers games.