Trial Bike Games

Trial bike games involve you jumping, climbing and racing over and around obstacles with the fewest mistakes possible. They test your reactions, your dexterity and your computer skill. Endless excitement with foot down penalties and endless surprises in competition against your friends. Enjoy the power of the trial bike beneath you! Read more about our 68 trial bike games ...

Mountain backdrop, forest setting, stadium or derelict factory, you choose the environment and game play options. Trial bike games have been around since almost as long as computers themselves. Massive variety has evolved to suit each and every game preference. There are 2D and 3D games. Futuristic trials, fantasy trials and classic competition trials. Timing and composure are keys to success as you battle to overcome challenge after challenge, obstacle after obstacle. Complete levels to unlock more competitions, or win prize money and improve your bike. You can even choose your bike preference in some of the games and get a ride that suits your riding style. Climb, jump and accelerate to success on your lightweight power machine. Use the accelerator wisely and remember you have brake or you will end up spending most of you time in high speed crashes. There really are thrills and spills for everyone.