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On this page, you'll play the game Truck Loader, one of your best free tractor games!!! Play this fun Truck Loader flash game on any browser of your computer. The Truck Loader is strong and has magnets fitted to its arm, and it can lift and carry heavy boxes. There are many boxes that need moving, and the Truck Loader can pick them up all. But there needs to be some strategy to play this game. You will have to move the Truck Loader strategically in every level, so you can put all the boxes in the back of the truck which will carry them away at the end of each level. The boxes all have their designated areas at the back of the truck, and you have to strategize every move so each box goes in its place. There are boxes with fragile items too, and if you are not careful, they will break. This fun strategy game tests your quick thinking ability and your patience. Each box is stuck to the magnet when the truck loader carries it, and you have to use both your mouse and the keyboard keys to complete the entire operation. Watch out for trick gates which close and open to let the truck loader out.

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Truck Loader Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Play the Truck Loader game with the LEFT CLICK of your mouse as well as the key board keys. Use the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to MOVE the truck loader LEFT and RIGHT. LEFT CLICK and HOLD the mouse button to PICK UP A BOX. RELEASE button to DRP THE BOX. Use ARROW KEYS to PUSH BOX into position at the back of the truck. Look for instructiuons inside every level. You will also have to use the SPACEBAR to lower the forklift. Play against time counter on top of the game screen to finish a level.
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