Tweety's Rescue Hector Game

On this page, you'll play the game Tweety's Rescue Hector, one of your best free heroes games!!! Tweety's Rescue lets you play using the Looney Tunes characters from the cartoons. It is a platform game and you need to use the ladders to move around the screen and collect the bones. Try to jump over the logs and hit them with a hammer to collect points. Once you have collected the keys, hit Sylvester and unlock the cage to release Hector.

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Tweety's Rescue Hector Game controls, cheat codes, ...
This game is controlled by using the keyboard cursor keys. 'Left' and 'Right' make Tweety walk around and 'Up' and 'Down' are used for moving along ladders. 'Spacebar' is jump, 'Z' is the hammer and 'X' is the 'Super Hammer'.
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