Ultimate Escape Game

On this page, you'll play the game Ultimate Escape, one of your best free escape games!!! The metro city is under the attacks of the war mongers. Every single corner of the city is filled up with the attacks of the warmongers. To get rid of this situation, you need to escape from the city. But, as said the city is suffering highly from the falling bombs, enemies' cars, bullets. You need to elope from the city to endure. In such a situation you need to escape by avoiding the life snatching effect of bombs and bullets by running as fast as you can.

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Ultimate Escape Game controls, cheat codes, ...
CLICK on the PLAY button to start the game. CLICK to select an option between ONE PLAYER and TWO PLAYER. To run PRESS A and D keys to Jump Press on W key. Collect more turbo running to get more score. Avoid collision with the cars. If you clash with them, the game will be over and you need to play again.
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