Ultraman Vs Godzilla Game

On this page, you'll play the game Ultraman Vs Godzilla, one of your best free heroes games!!! Ultrman the intergalactic hero is back in action in the Ultraman Vs Godzilla game! He has saved many a civilization from extinction with his bravery and skills, but this time it is the Earth that faces extinction, and Ultraman is our only hope to let the earth live. The Godzilla dinosaurs have come back from the dead, and they want to reclaim what they think is rightfully theirs. They will not come to any negotiation and will not consider the fact that they were gone many millions of years, and it is the humans who rule the earth now. They have let loose their sentries who guard the gates and the keys to the gates which hold the secret to destroying them. Ultraman has to brave the ferocious dinosaurs and collect the key to the secret in this game, and he needs your help to do that. Help him jump through the hurdles and reach the key. There will be guarding dinosaurs at the gates and there will be moving platforms on which he has to climb to reach the key. Help him jump, run and shoot fireballs at the dinosaurs to kill them and collect the key in this game. Take care not to jump on a dinosaur, as that will instantly kill him.

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Ultraman Vs Godzilla Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Play the Ultraman Vs Godzilla with the keyboard keys. Some actions require the LEFT CLICK option of the mouse. Start the game, with the LEFT CLICK option, by CLICKing on the PLAY button. Once you have entered the game use the ARROW keys and the SPACEBAR to play the game. The LEFT ARROW IS TO GO BACK, the RIGHT ARROW IS TO GO FORWARD, the UP ARROW is to JUMP and the DOWN ARROW is to CROUCH DOWN. Use the arrows to move forward and backward to reach to the key. Use SPACEBAR to shoot at the Godzilla. CLICK on TRY AGAIN button to play a level again.
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