Vintage Bunny Challenge Game

On this page, you'll play the game Vintage Bunny Challenge, one of your best free heroes games!!! Bugs Bunny has brought his collection of vintage cars, and one of his secret hobbies has been revealed! He is up for a challenge on the hilly terrains, and he will drive down on his vintage car on one of the deadliest tracks for car racing. This is your chance to try your hand at a vintage motor car race, and with your help Bugs will win this round! Help him to drive up the treacherous peaks by balancing the car and moving forward. Don?t let the car topple over or it will crash. This is the ultimate challenge to see whether you can keep your balance even on high speeds and on mountainous roads! Bugs cannot keep the balance himself, and with those gravity defying stunts the car pulls when it is running on high speeds, it definitely will be a tough one to keep it on its wheels. Race to the end, and complete all the levels, to be the winner. Collect helmets on the way as bonus points, and you will win!

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Vintage Bunny Challenge Game controls, cheat codes, ...
Play the Vintage Bunny Challenge game with the keyboard keys. Use the UP ARROW KEY to SPEED UP, the DOWN ARROW KEY to SLOW DOWN, the RIGHT ARROW KEY for FORWARD BALANCE, and THE LEFT ARROW KEY for BACKWARD BALANCE. Begin PRESSING the keys at the START icon, and reach the end. To collect helmets on the way, simply pass through them. You have 6 lives to play a level. The counter for LIVES and SCORE shows on the bottom of the game screen. LEFT CLICK on PLAY to begin the game. If you lose a level, LEFT CLICK on TRY AGAIN button to play again.
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