Washing games

Washing and cleaning give you a deep sense of well-being. The games in this category are all about making things sparkle, gleam and shine to their most beautiful. Take charge of the mop, bucket and bin bag and get to work earning points and smashing records with your cleaning prowess. Read more about our 75 washing games ...

Games range from washing cars, to cleaning your room to pet washing featuring Barbie. You could even don the safety harness and get out in the cold cleaning the glass windows of an office building. There are numerous scenarios and characters that make the game play look good and feel good when you play. Expect the odd attack from a missile launching bystander or any other unexpected surprise. The flash interfaces are fast, clean and always full of exciting colours. Use your keyboard or your mouse and enjoy. Some games take courage and nerve, others speed of reactions, others still a clever approach. With such variety one of the washing games is sure to get you excited and hook you. Challenge yourself to go further, achieve more and break records. You could even use a game to learn the best way to wash your hands. What could be better than that?
  1. Wedding Clean-Up Washing
  2. Laundry Girl Washing
  3. Blue Ribbon Bash Washing
  4. Valentine Party Cleanup Washing
  5. The Swiffer Washing
  6. Bedroom Washing
  7. Busy Housewife Washing
  8. Holiday Cleanup
  9. Dirty Dishes Washing
  10. Car Washing
    Car Washing 0 1654 Car Washing Car Washing
  11. Ragged House Washing
  12. Brilliant Brushers Washing
  13. Cleaning Day at Alma Mater Washing
  14. My Cute Puppy Washing
  15. Laundry fun Washing
  16. Clean Up My Fridge
  17. First Party Clean Up
  18. Spring Garden Clean-Up Washing
  19. Mittens Lost and Found Washing
  20. Sock It Washing
  21. Time to Clean-Up Washing
  22. Kitchen Shenanigans Washing
  23. Dib Dab Doo and Dilly Too Wahing
  24. Inimitable Zebra Washing
  25. Francine Beauty Secrets Washing
  26. Pigsty Clean Up Washing
  27. Cleaning Time
  28. Pinky's Pickup Bedroom Washing
  29. Big House Clean-Up Washing
  30. SOS Clean Up My Home
  31. Community Service Dress Up Washing
  32. Magical Broom Washing
  33. Sky Boy Washing
  34. Art Gallery Washing
  35. Road Accident Washing
  36. How Does Your Garden Grow Washing
  37. Clean up Rush
  38. Pool Party Cleanup Washing
  39. Clean Little Piggy Washing
  40. Caroline's Room Ordering is Fun Washing
  41. After the Party Cleantime Washing
  42. Tidy Your Room Washing
  43. Pet-Grooming Studio Washing
  44. Washing Puzzle
  45. Crazy Job Washing
  46. Children's Room Cleanup Washing
  47. Girl Washing
    Girl Washing 0 377 Girl Washing Girl Washing
  48. Pet Care Washing
  49. Lady Bunny House Clean-Up Washing
  50. Trash Attack Washing
  51. Cutie Trend Washing
  52. Clean Up Washing
  53. Michael Michael Go Recycling Washing
  54. Trash Attack 2 Washing
  55. Beach Clean Up ! Washing
  56. Seabed Cleaner Washing
  57. Clean Your Room Washing
  58. Save Kaleidoscope Reef
  59. Recycling Game Wahing