Weapon Games

Weapon games are very popular with both males and females of all ages. The great thing about these types of games is the fact that this category in particular is so diverse; there really is something for everyone. Have a browse through the category and see which ones you like. Read more about our 50 weapon games ...

There really are hundreds of different types of games that theme around weapons. For example, one type that might appeal to younger players is weapon based games that feature popular cartoon characters. There are a number of these types of games, so you can choose from your favourite cartoon characters. If you are looking for something that may be a little more challenging, then you could try out some of the shooting games that revolve around chasing bad guys in order to shoot them and win the game. There are so many different types of games that you can choose from. If you are just after something a little less challenging, and something that will just bust the boredom then take a look at some of the basic platform games. Take a look through them and see which games that are in this category actually appeal to your tastes personally.