Western Games

How would you like to be a cowboy for a day? If you've always loved watching Western movies, these games are probably going to keep you preoccupied the entire day. You will find a collection of Western games on this page for your gaming pleasure. Share them with your friends! Read more about our 40 western games ...

Whatever Western games you fancy, they're all here. Not surprisingly, the majority of these games involve aiming and shooting at targets. Some targets are innocent enough, such as bottles and cans. But in other games, you have to aim your gun at criminals because you're actually the cowboy sheriff of your town! In Western Shooter, you have to shoot at gunslingers hiding inside the saloon and behind the bushes. They're also shooting at you, so you better fire your weapon before they do. If shooting games aren't your cup of tea, you can play The Kissing Cowboy. Here, you have to tap your exhibitionist skills and help the cowboy kiss his girl without anybody spotting them. You have to warn them before anybody turns their head and sees them caught in a smooch! Whatever Western game you want, you can find it here. Have fun playing these games and good luck!