Worms Games

In 1995, the video game company Team17 released a game called Worms that was a strategic artillery video game where the player deployed a team of worms to fight against other worm teams. Various weapons were available to kill opponent worms with the aim of killing all the other worms before they got to your team. The game was so popular that it became part of a series of Worms games, using artillery and strategy to win. Read more about our 29 worms games ...

These video games are based on the same principle, with the player deploying a team of worms or other bright animated characters to fight against members of an opposing team. You play against an opponent and take turns animating one of the characters in your team, choosing the desired weapon for that character and then fighting that character against your opponent's character. When shooting at the opponent's character, the goal is to get the character to lose life but the artillery utilized can also change the game environment. This requires strategy as well as artillery in order to progress in the game. Once each and every member of a team is shot and loses life, the surviving team is declared the winner. These games are lots of fun to play and can be played for a short time or for many hours, as many players declare them to be addictive. Play by yourself or against friends and enjoy the strategy, accuracy and ever-changing environment of these Worms games!