X-Men Games

The X-Men are a group of superheroes first created by Marvel Comics and first showed up in comic books in 1963. The idea behind the X-Men is that mutants with an extra gene have special superpowers that help them save humans who are in trouble. The X-Men first team included Angel, Cyclops, Beast, Iceman and Marvel Girl. Now the team also includes Wolverine, Shadowcat, Storm, Nightcrawler, Rogue and Colossus. Audiences everywhere love the X-Men, which is why playing X-Men games is so much fun. Read more about our 20 x-men games ...

Each member of the X-Men team has a unique power, caused by the possession of an extra gene that makes them a mutant in everyday life but perfect for superhuman life. The X-Men games offer you a chance to use the powers of these great characters to complete a series of tasks. For example, you may have to destroy enemies determined to get in your way and stop you from completing your superhero task. One game allows you to help Wolverine escape, maneuver around armed guards, complete puzzles and save those in need. Each game will help you prepare for the next game or the next level and will hone your superhero skills. If you are not in the mood for a difficult task or challenge, have fun changing your hero's clothes and shoes, as well as picking the right weapons for the job. Each game is fun and perfectly timed to allow you to play as few or as many as you want. Each game is free, so get started playing X-Men games right away!