Zorro Games

The legendary Zorro has captured the hearts of millions in the past, and it continues to do so in the present, thanks to Zorro games that bring out the hero in everyone. If you want to be a champion of the masses too, try playing these Zorro games. Have fun! Read more about our 8 zorro games ...

See if you have what it takes to be just like your hero. Play these Zorro games for free and share them with your friends, too. In Captain Zorro (Rusty Planet), you play Zorro in a futuristic setting. Fight evil robots using different kinds of high-tech weapons. You get to wear a cool protective gear that carries different types of guns. You have to stop the robots as they appear from a warping portal before they get to you. The graphics are amazing so it's understandable if you get hooked to this game. In Captain Zorro, you have to navigate a spaceship and shoot at enemies to save the good guys. Avoid enemy fire while destroying tanks. Think of this game as a modern rendition of arcade shooting games. There are different game genres here, all inspired by the Zorro franchise. You are bound to find games that suit you!